Minutes of General Membership Meeting — September 2, 2015

The meeting was called to order by Dave Vanness at 1:05 p.m.

As this was the initial meeting of the group, people introduced themselves.

Draft bylaws. The draft bylaws were reviewed point by point, with modifications made by consensus. In addition to grammatical and small word changes, there were some substantive changes made to the draft bylaws. Changes are indicated with italics. Discussion points:

  • Article II, no. 5: Clarified that one of the purposes of the Chapter was to “protect and advance the professional status and interests of all teachers and researchers, including academic professionals, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.”
  • Article IV: Clarified that “Officers may serve no more than two consecutive terms in that office.
  • Article IV: Confirmed that the Treasurer would be required to give an annual report of chapter finances, not just at the request of the executive committee.
  • General discussion on the powers of the executive committee. The conclusion was that the Executive committee would deal with issues that couldn’t wait for a full membership meeting, and that policy decisions would be the purview of full chapter meetings.
  • Article VI, section A. The number of at-large executive committee members changed from four to
  • Article VI, section A: Minimum notice for an executive committee meeting was defined: “Under extraordinary circumstances, minimum notice time shall be four hours.”
  • Article VI, section A, no. 7: Rather than “consulting” regularly with the administration, the executive committee is charged with “Meet[ing] regularly with the administration for discussion of matters of mutual interest.”
  • Article VI, section B: The membership committee is charged with establishment of a dues collection plan rather than a dues deduction plan.
  • Article VI, section C: A list of specific committees that could be created was omitted. Language in the draft bylaws was changed to align this section with the duties of the president. “The chair and members of these committees shall be appointed by the president, in consultation with the executive committee.
  • Article VII: Minimum notice time of one day for general chapter meeting is established for “extraordinary circumstances.”


The bylaws as amended passed unanimously.

Officer election

The following officers were elected by acclamation to terms not to exceed 10 months:

Dave Vanness, President

Christina Ewig, Vice President

Joanne Brown, Secretary

Stephanie Tai, Treasurer

At Large Executive Committee Members: Karma Chávez, Michael Moscicke, Will Jones, Joe Salmons, Timothy Yu


New Business

Discussion of how often to meet. General consensus of meeting frequently initially to get people involved, and to develop membership drive. Early opportunities: meeting of UW System Tenure Task Force on Sept 17th, UW-Madison Ad Hoc Committee on Tenure and Termination.

Interest in reviewing and signing on to UW-Milwaukee/UW-Whitewater AAUP Chapters’ Joint Statement to System Tenure Task Force. This document will be circulated and reviewed at executive committee meeting.