Minutes of General Membership Meeting — DRAFT — October 9, 2015

The meeting was called to order by Dave Vanness at 2:35 p.m..

A quorum of the general membership was present.

Announcements: Will Jones announced the NAACP fundraising banquet on Oct. 23. New business will include discussion of out of state admissions changes

With corrections, minutes of Sept. 2 general membership meeting were approved.

The AFT-Wisconsin Higher Education Council Statement on Tenure and Indefinite Status was approved with the provision that we are not binding the UW-Madison AAUP Chapter to actions decided by any other group. Lee Hansen registered a “no” vote, all others voted in favor of approval.

General discussion of FP&P Chapter 10. The draft with changes prepared by Timothy Yu and Dave Vanness has been received favorably by the University Committee, and includes the financial emergency contingency. Definitions have been added, and a distinction has been made between discontinuance on the one hand, and curtailment/modification/redirection on the other. The group discussed what constitutes a “program”; the existence of an executive committee is key. Need to include institutes and centers.

Membership drive. A committee comprising Joe Salmons, Jelena Todorovic, Stephanie Tai, Thomas O’Guinn, Michael Olneck, and Timothy Yu will begin meeting soon. Group discussed potential ways to increase membership in Chapter.


New Business

The plan to waive the cap on out-of-state undergraduate admissions led to a general discussion on the meaning of shared governance and the best way to share our understanding of the shared governance.

Meeting adjourned at 4:15

Respectfully submitted,

Joanne Brown, Secretary