Minutes of Executive Committee Meeting, September 14, 2015


ATTENDEES: Joanne Brown, W. Lee Hansen, Joe Salmons, Steph Tai, Jelena Todorovic, Dave Vanness, Timothy Yu

The meeting was called to order by Dave Vanness at 3:15 p.m.

Approval of September 16 social event

A “meet-the-chapter” social event with Julie Schmid was approved unanimously, with a $250 budget. The event will be held at the home of Joanne Brown and Michael Olneck on September 16, from 4:30 to 6:30. Suggested places to send email invitations include UW PROFS and the After Act55 list.

Signing onto the UW-Milwaukee/UW-Whitewater AAUP letter to the Tenure Task Force

It was moved and seconded that the UW-Madison AAUP executive committee will sign onto this document, with the request that the document include a preamble that expresses the preeminent role that the UW-Madison played in establishing the tenets of academic freedom and faculty governance now embraced by AAUP. Dave Vanness will attend the Tenure Task Force meeting on Sept. 17, with representative(s) from Milwaukee and Whitewater, as well as with Julie Schmid of the AAUP national office. The motion passed unanimously.

Appointment of Membership Committee

Joe Salmons agreed to chair the Membership Committee, with commitments of substantial assistance from Tim Yu and Steph Tai, and (perhaps less assistance from) Jelena Todorovic. The executive committee proposed these members to chapter president Vanness who made these initial appointments. More people will be sought for the committee. First action will likely be tabling at the University Committee’s three sessions on the Ad Hoc Committee’s proposed changes to FPP Chapter 10.

Fetal Tissue Ban

Question is whether and how we should register opposition to the proposed legislation. PROFS has registered opposition, Board of Regents has not. Steph Tai will contact Alta Charo in the Law School to get more understanding of the issue in order to draft a possible statement.

Next Meetings

Try to set next chapter meeting before University Committee sessions in last week of September. Joanne will do Doodle poll to see when exec committee members are available and we’ll go from there.

Meeting adjourned.