Welcome to the website of the revitalized UW-Madison chapter of the AAUP. We are at this location temporarily, until our new site is accepted by the webmaster’s service provider. This site will provide the locus for discussion of bylaws, election of officers, and the ability to take action in this time of great stress in the life of UW-Madison staff.

Organizing meeting held

The organizing meeting for the revitalized chapter of UW-Madison AAUP was held Friday, July 17. Dave Vanness called the meeting together and chaired the meeting, which was attended by about twenty. Emeritus Professor Lee Hansen gave a brief history of the chapter since the 1970s, and the roles played by other campus committees in maintaining faculty rights, and Kira Schuman, AAUP’s lead organizer for the Midwest, spoke of what AAUP can do for the Madison campus with respect to protection of faculty governance and tenure rights.